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The Clinical course on pancreatic cancer within the MolDiagPaCa network took place at the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden on November 23, 2007.

The course was especially adapted to the needs of non-clinical pancreatic cancer researchers and as a refreshment course for clinicians. The contents spanned everything from clinically relevant embryology and anatomy, through diagnostics using imaging, cytology, histology and molecular tools, to current medical and surgical treatment strategies. The general theme of the course highlighted multidisciplinarity in diagnostics, decision making and treatment, and course participants took during the one day course part in the weekly multidisciplinary pancreatic cancer video conference between the hospitals in the Stockholm area.

The course covered the following program:

Clinical presentation and symptoms of pancreatic cancer.
Ake Andren-Sandberg

Anatomy and embryology of the pancreas
Ake Andren-Sandberg

Approaches to drainage of the biliary tract in pancreatic cancer
Urban Arnelo

Diagnostic imaging of pancreatic cancer
Nick Edsborg

Live Pancreatic Tumour Conference
Johan Permert and Ake Andren-Sandberg

Surgical management of pancreatic cancer
John Neoptolemos

The role of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in adjuvant, palliative . and locally advanced settings in pancreatic cancer
Pehr Lind

Summarizing case discussion
Johan Permert and Ake Andren-Sandberg