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The MolTools - DKFZ – IGB - MolDiagPaca Practical Course: Analysis and Interpretation of Complex Transcript Data took place at DKFZ in Heidelberg during the period Thursday, 14 December, to Saturday, 16 December 2006. In total 16 scientists of different European countries participated.

A large part of the course was hands-on data analysis. Due to the interests of the groups involved, most training was done on typical data produced from human cancer tissues and yeast. For overall data analyses as well as the identification of associations between transcriptional variations and annotated factors, including clinical information, GO-terms, mapping data and such alike, correspondence analysis was used extensively using the data warehouse M-Chips (Multi-Conditional Hybridisation Intensity Processing System).

In addition a public symposium with invited speakers from other institutions in Europe on Friday morning was organized. Speakers were Alvis Brazma (UK), Christine Steinhoff (Germany), Martin Kuiper (Belgium), Joaquin Dopazo (Spain), Eugene van Someren (The Netherlands), Stefan Winter (Germany) and Reinhard Guthke (Germany). They presented their views on various aspects of analysing transcriptional data.
The emphasis of the course, however, was in the actual hands-on dealing with data in order to get experience on the various parameters and settings possible.