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Advalytix (www.advalytix.de) develops incubation stations for both DNA and protein microarrays. The key components of these instruments are the microagitation chips which the company manufactures in its own state-of-the-art clean room. Further expertise lies in PCR, clinical and immuno-chemistry as well as in innovative lab-on-the-chip development.

Role in the Integrated Project:

Advalytix will develop special incubation and washing stations for the diagnostic microarrays investigated in workpackages 4 and 5 and support the optimization of the biological protocols using these instruments. The reproducibility achieved by automating the incubation and washing steps using state of the art technology will be important for the validation of preclinical studies. The optimization of the protocols will be done in close cooperation with the participants of WP 4 and 5.

Research group members involved:
  • Dr. Matthias Wassermeier: head of system development
  • Dr. Zeno von Guttenberg: senior researcher

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