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Tartu, Estonia

Asper Biotech is a leading Estonian biotechnology company established in 1999. From this time Asper has grown to become the biggest biotech exporter in Estonia with a series of well-established robust and efficient DNA tests. Our platform is based on the arrayed primer extension (APEX) technology that combines the efficiency of a microarray-based assay with the Sanger sequencing. The main offerings include custom genotyping services, genotyping software, genotyping hardware, and genotyping consumables. Asper`s business model is conducting research projects for the world`s science, research and development organisations. During the seven years, Asper has developed its expertise in developing and validating highly customised SNP/mutation screening assays. After establishing the tests, DNA samples screening will be performed. Bioinformatics expertise allows us carefully design all the assays as well as analyse and validate the results. Together with our partners, we have developed and launched a number of DNA tests like Thalassemia, p53 gene testing, Cystic Fibrosis, Hereditary Hearing Loss, DNA Repair, and eye diseases related tests: ABCR, LCA, Usher, AR-RP, AD-RP, BBS. The list of the assays will be expanded during the next years. The strong scientific relevance and professional approach to its business become obvious also from our participation in several European Commission projects: from 30 proposals of FP6 in which Asper Biotech has been involved, six have been financed during the calls 1-3. Additional info about our tests and technology can be obtained by visiting our website http://www.asperbio.com.

Role of Asper Biotech in the project MolDiag-Paca
Asper Biotech will be involved in the Epigenetics Workpackage No 5. The role of Asper includes:
  • Working APEX assay with 275 markers on the chip
  • Analysis of DNA samples separated from 300 patients

Group members involved
  • Mikk Tamme – managing director
  • Dr. Katrin Sak – senior researcher

Contact data
Asper Biotech
Oru 3
51014 Tartu
Telefon: +372 7 441 556; +372 7 441 772
Telefax: +372 7 442 343
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.