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Professor John Neoptolemos is Professor of Surgery, Head of the Division of Surgery and Oncology, and Head of School of Cancer Studies at the University of Liverpool. He leads one of the most successful clinical and academic surgical programmes in the United Kingdom. His specific areas of research are clinical trials of pancreatic cancer (including the large ESPAC trials as well as trials for advanced pancreatic cancer, e.g. Gemcap and Telovac); gene therapy, pre-symptomatic diagnosis and prognostic and biological predictors of treatment response to pancreatic cancer; hereditary and chronic pancreatitis and acute pancreatitis.

Role in Integrated Project: Coordinator of Work-package 7 (Clinical Trials).

Dr Bill Greenhalf is Lecturer in Molecular Biology in the Division of Surgery and Oncology at the University of Liverpool. He is the lead scientist on the EUROPAC registry. Bill has been involved in development of novel molecular screening approaches for pancreatic cancer for 10 years, it is apparent that these tests are still inadequate for screening the general public, but they are useful in high risk groups such as Familial Pancreatic Cancer ( FPC). Bill's group have identified that members of FPC families develop the disease at a younger age in each generation; as well as giving important clues about the nature of the disease, this allows a more accurate estimate of the risk an individual faces of developing cancer in the short term so we can treat the cancer as soon as possible. Similarly study of hereditary pancreatitis has allowed the link between pancreatitis and cancer to be put in a proper perspective, allowing more effective cancer screening of these patients.

Role in Integrated Project: Joint coordinator of Work-package 1 (Resources and Epidemiology).

Dr Eithne Costello's group is primarily focussed on analysis of proteins found in pancreatic cancer patients, but not in control groups. Her group analyses the protein profiles from microdissected tumour, and normal samples, blood and pancreatic juice. The underlying aim of all of these studies is to discover diagnostic and therapeutic targets that will ultimately benefit cancer patients.

Role in Integrated Project: Joint-coordinator and Chair of Work-package 4 (Proteomics).

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